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Cartilage and Skin was published in November 2013.  If you are interested in scheduling a reading/presentation, or if you have any other inquires, you can contact me at


December 6, 2014


–with Poet Lisa Sisler

6:00 at Affleck Gallery and Studio

29 Church Street

Lambertville, NJ


April 1, 2014


3:30-4:30 at Kean University, in the University Center Building, Cougar’s Den

1000 Morris Ave

Union, NJ


February 26 – March 1, 2014


Seattle, Washington

Book Signing at table J27 2:30-3:30 on Friday


September 26, 2013

& Now: Off the Road

The University of Colorado, Boulder

2:00-4:00: “Starcherone and The Novel: a reading and discussion”

with Ted Pelton, Donald Breckenridge, and Gretchen E. Henderson

June 5-9, 2013


Florida Institute of Technology

The craft of fiction (4-day course)
By putting our emphasis on craft, we will look at how fiction works and the choices a writer makes in creating fiction.  We will focus on precise aspects of fiction—particularly plot, scene, character, and dialogue—to gain greater mastery in crafting stories.  I like to think that as writers we all have a toolkit of artistic moves, gestures, and choices, such as the way we close a scene, set up a punch line, or reward or punish our characters.  We add to the toolkit every time we practice our craft, share our stories, and admire professional writers.  To that end, we will do all three: write, share, and read.


June 7, 2013

Florida Institute of Technology

A Presentation on Innovative Fiction.   Michael James Rizza will read excerpts from his fiction and discuss the risks and value of making unexpected choices, at the level of language, character, and plot.